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The draw for the group stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Dubai is now done! That’s an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to bet on the tournament and the bookies have reacted by updating their Dubai World Cup odds immediately.

I explore the latest prices below and share my expectations for the tournament now that we know what the groups look like. My main focus will be the outright winner market, but I share quick FIFA World Cup predictions for each group as well.

2022 Dubai World Cup Winner Odds

  • Brazil; +500
  • France; +650
  • England; +800
  • Argentina; +800
  • Spain; +800
  • Germany; +900
  • Portugal; +1000
  • Belgium; +1200
  • The Netherlands; +1700
  • Denmark; +2400

I’ve only selected the top ten teams according to the latest Dubai FIFA World Cup betting odds. I don’t think that many nations outside of that group have a realistic shot at the most prestigious trophy in the soccer world.

As you can see, there’s no clear favorite and that’s to be expected. The World Cup becomes a knockout tournament after the group stages. One bad game is enough to go home.

That said, let’s focus on the 2022 World Cup draw for the initial stage first and see what the groups look like.

2022 Dubai World Cup Group Predictions

Before I share my 2022 FIFA World Cup predictions for each group, let me make a quick disclaimer. What you’re about to see are initial thoughts on all groups shortly after the draw was done. It’s more of a quick reaction that an in-depth preview.

Our team will eventually provide an extensive analysis of all groups, but we will do that closer to the Dubai World Cup. With that in mind, here’s what I expect to see in the first stage of the tournament.

Group A Odds and Prediction

  • Qatar
  • Netherlands
  • Senegal
  • Ecuador

I’m sure that the Dutch will be happy with the draw! That’s by far the strongest team in this group A and it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the Netherlands is eliminated after the first phase of the competition.

In fact, I expect the European team to win the top spot and avoid some of the main contenders in the Last 16 stage. The second place is the real question mark here.

Senegal is one of the better nations from the third pot, while Qatar has the home advantage, and Ecuador shouldn’t be underestimated either.

All three counties will fancy their chances to progress, but I think that Senegal has the best players. Here’s what I expect to happen.

Predicted Standings

  1. Netherlands
  2. Senegal
  3. Ecuador
  4. Qatar

Group B Odds and Prediction

  • England
  • USA
  • Iran
  • Wales/Scotland/Ukraine

I don’t want to be disrespectful to the other teams, but England will be very happy with the draw. There were much stronger opponents than the US and Iran in the second and third pots, respectively. The problems will most likely come from the fourth nation in the group.

I expect Wales to qualify and the team will be dangerous. There’s enough quality and more than enough hard workers in the squad. I’m not sure that the Dragons can finish above England, but I think they could be second.

Of course, there’s a possibility that they don’t make the World Cup Finals at all. That would make the second place even more unpredictable.

In all scenarios, the Three Lions are head and shoulders above anyone else in this group, so anything but the top spot would be a failure. Here’s what I expect to see at the end.

Predicted Standings

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. USA
  4. Iran

Group C Odds and Prediction

  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Saudi Arabia

I have to say that this is one of the toughest groups to predict. Argentina is the obvious favorite here, but Mexico always reaches the knockouts and Poland is a tricky opponent too. I’d say that even Saudi Arabia could win points.

I see plenty of different scenarios when it comes to the final standings. I think that Mexico can upset the Dubai World Cup odds here and finish above Argentina, while Poland could come short.

Predicted Standings

  1. Mexico
  2. Argentina
  3. Poland
  4. Saudi Arabia

Group D Odds and Prediction

  • France
  • Denmark
  • Tunisia
  • UAE/Australia/Peru

I believe this group has a strong claim for the “Group of Death” label. France should dominate the competition, but I don’t think there will be weak teams here.

Denmark is a disciplined side that can beat anyone on a good day, while Tunisia has a hard-working group of players. Even the fourth team should be decent. I expect Peru to qualify, so anything is possible here.

The margins will be really close, but I believe that the two European teams will make it when it’s all said and done.

Predicted Standings

  1. France
  2. Denmark
  3. Peru
  4. Tunisia

Group E Odds and Prediction

  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Costa Rica/New Zealand

Well, I’m sure that both Germany and Spain were very unhappy early on but ended up content with the draw. The two teams are head and shoulders above the competition in this group.

However, we shouldn’t forget that another Asian team, South Korea sent Germany home in the group stages of the 2018 World Cup!

I don’t expect such shocks this time around, though. The battle for the top spot will be tight, and I think that Spain has better cohesion right now.

Predicted Standings

  1. Spain
  2. Germany
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Japan

Group F Odds and Prediction

  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Morocco
  • Canada

I think this is one of the easiest groups to predict. Belgium is much better than the other teams, while Croatia is much better than Morocco and Canada. The two underdogs can give their famous opponents a fight, but collecting enough points to finish second will be too hard.

I don’t have any doubts when it comes to Belgium’s chances. The only question marks are related to Croatia’s aging backbone. The team features a lot of players over 33, but that will be a problem in the next stage.

Predicted Standings

  1. Belgium
  2. Croatia
  3. Morocco
  4. Canada

Group G Odds and Prediction

  • Brazil
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia
  • Cameroon

On the surface, this is a dangerous group for Brazil. All three opponents will believe in their chances to progress to the next stages. And yet, the South Americans are clearly better than the competition and should win the top spot.

The close games also benefit them because no team will collect a ton of points when the margins are so slim. Brazil should do enough to finish at the top of the standings.

What nation finishes behind them is less clear. Switzerland is the second strongest team, but Serbia can certainly upset the Western European nation. Cameroon is not a bad side either and I expect the Africans to win some points.

Here’s how I see the final standings.

Predicted Standings

  1. Brazil
  2. Switzerland
  3. Cameroon
  4. Serbia

Group H Odds and Prediction

  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea
  • Ghana

I’m about to go wild here, but this is where I see a major upset. Portugal is the clear favorite and you would usually expect Uruguay to qualify for the next stage too.

And yet, I think that Ghana can surpass the South Americans. All games will be close because South Korea is a decent team too. I expect very tight games when it’s all said and done, so here’s my prediction for the final standings.

Predicted Standings

  1. Portugal
  2. Ghana
  3. Uruguay
  4. South Korea

FIFA World Cup 2022 Top Favorites

Now that you know what the FIFA World Cup 2022 odds look like and you have my thoughts on the groups, it’s time to evaluate the potential winners.

My main focus is on the top contenders for the 2022 Dubai World Cup, but I’ve included a few dark horses too.


It’s hard to ignore a team that just broke a qualifying record with a game to spare! Brazil dominated COMNEBOL and the nation is the most successful in the entire World Cup history. Both the present and the past suggest that Brazil is going to Dubai for the title.

You would struggle to find a weak link in the squad. Alisson and Ederson are among the best goalkeepers in the world. The defense in front of them has been very solid, while Casemiro and Fabinho are your archetypal hard workers in the middle of the park.

As for the attack, the head coach Tite can make his pick between Neymar, Vinicius Junior, Raphina, Roberto Firmino, Richarlison, and several other players. It’s an excellent combination of skillful and hard-working players.

On top of that, the backbone of the Brazilian squad is at a perfect age. The main players have a lot of experience already, but they are still in their peak years.

I’d say that Brazil will be content with the draw. The group is somewhat tricky, but the top spot is more than achievable. Tite might even have the chance to rotate a bit to keep his players fresh, so the main contender should be in excellent shape when the knockouts begin.


Let’s face it, the reigning champions from France were always going to be among the main contenders, no matter the draw. The Dubai World Cup odds prove it and the European powerhouse is once again one of the teams most likely to go all the way.

The talent at Didier Deschamps’ disposal is nothing short of amazing. The head coach has a bunch of world-class players in every area of the pitch and enough depth to deliver several competitive starting lineups.

What bothers me is that many French players have a massive ego. We’ve seen exceptional squads fail at big tournaments in the past because the atmosphere in the squad is rotten. There’s no indication that’s the case right now, but one bad match or a single disgruntled star could be enough to ruin the team spirit.

France should comfortably get out of the group, but what happens next is another story. I like France’s chances, but the latest Dubai World Cup betting odds are too short for my taste.


I don’t want to be disrespectful to England, but I don’t think this is one of the best teams in the world. There’s an argument that the Three Lions have the attacking players to compete with anyone and that can’t be denied.

The problem is that the squad is weaker in other areas of the pitch. The defense is kind of suspect and the fans know it. The scandal around Harry Maguire is a clear example of how the English supporters put the national squad under too much pressure.

It’s one of the main reasons the nation has consistently underperformed in the past 50 years. Head coach Gareth Southgate changed that in the previous two tournaments but I think that the combination of good luck and lower expectations helped immensely.

The group stage draw was once again kind to England, but the fans and the media won’t be so generous. The expectations will be enormous this time around.

On top of that, I’m not sure that Southgate will make the best decision when it comes to his goalkeeper.

The coach is used to relying on Jordan Pickford who has been great for England. And yet, I don’t think he’s the best player in this position and I’m not confident that he was tested often enough in the previous two major tournaments.

All things considered, there are way too many question marks surrounding the English squad and that’s enough for me to back other teams.


Argentina is another team that might be overrated by the latest FIFA World Cup 2022 odds. Don’t get me wrong, the squad is full of star players. The problem is that Lionel Messi is still the main man and I’m not sure that’s optimal.

The forward has a case for being the soccer GOAT, but he’s very obviously past his best years. Messi’s magic can win you every single game, but I don’t think he can deliver consistently enough to drag the team all the way.

Argentina should be dangerous and the squad is very talented, but that wouldn’t be my pick for the World Cup winner this year. The group of the South Americans is tricky too, so I won’t be shocked if they finish second and have to face another giant in the Last 16.

The Rest of the Bunch

You should never ignore Germany when betting on the World Cup, while Spain has plenty of top players too. The problem with these two is that the odds are way too short to represent good value. They are in the same group too, so one of the teams will likely face a strong opponent very early in the knockouts.

The likes of Portugal and Belgium are a bit behind according to the bookmakers, but I would probably prefer them purely based on potential returns. The combination of strong defense and immense talent up front makes Portugal really dangerous.

As for Belgium, it feels like the pressure to perform will be lower this time around and that could help the team. The Golden Generation is still young enough to produce at the highest level.

And yet, one of the sleepers is more interesting to me. The Netherlands has a young and talented squad that could be very dangerous. The defense is very solid and the entire team is working really hard. If you add the relatively easy group, picking the Dutch is not a bad idea.

I would normally consider Uruguay too. The South American team consistently overperforms at the highest level. The problem is that the squad is not that good this time around and the group is tough.

That pretty much concludes the list of teams I can see as potential World Cup winners. I don’t want to be disrespectful to the other nations, but they simply don’t have the players to compete with the main favorites.

Dubai 2022 World Cup Winner Prediction and Betting Picks

I’m not a big fan of backing the obvious favorites, but the latest Dubai 2022 World Cup betting odds for Brazil are way too generous. The country always performs well when the tournament is not in Europe and the last title for the strongest soccer nation ever came way back in 2002.

It almost feels like it’s Brazil turn’s for another World Cup! With so many talented players and such great balance in the squad, I’m more than happy to back Brazil.

If you want to add a second pick or simply feel adventurous, I recommend backing the Netherlands. The Dutch team is in an excellent position for a deep run in Dubai.

If you want to follow my World Cup betting picks, I strongly recommend checking the top soccer betting sites online. They have excellent bonuses and promotions, high Dubai World Cup odds, and plenty of other perks.

They also offer all sorts of interesting markets for the upcoming tournament and you can expect even more once the World Cup starts.