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The world of Esports betting can rejoice because the 2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters is nearly upon us. It’s a two-week event that begins on April 10, and it features a lot of competitive action and energy from some of the top VALORANT players in the world.

My preview of the Reykjavik Masters is designed to help you make good gambling decisions. It includes my predictions, the latest VALORANT Reykjavik Masters betting odds, and more.

Let’s begin with the prices for the winner market.

2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Betting Odds

  • G2 Esports; +275
  • The Guard; +275
  • OpTic Gaming; +300
  • Team Liquid; +500
  • LOUD; +700
  • Fnatic; +800
  • DRX; +1400
  • Paper Rex; +2500
  • KRÜ Esports; +4000
  • NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas); +4000
  • ZETA DIVISION; +15000
  • XERXIA; +250000

As of now, G2 Esports and The Guard are the current betting favorites according to the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters odds. However, the field is incredibly competitive, and several top contenders have a legitimate chance of winning the tournament.

I expect multiple teams to make bring their A-game and make things difficult for the other top contenders. I advise that you thoroughly analyze all the players and teams before you make your VALORANT Reykjavik Masters predictions.

2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Format

Before making any bets, you should learn more about the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters format. Understanding the structure and flow of the tournament will simplify the process of determining your betting picks.

The tournament consists of two stages: the Group Stage and Playoffs. This format is common for VALORANT and other popular titles developed by Riot Games. 12 teams will compete and try to qualify for the 2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Grand Final.

Here’s a full list of the participants.

Team Region
G2 Esports EMEA
The Guard NA
Paper Rex APAC
LOUD Brazil
Team Liquid EMEA
DRX Korea
OpTic Gaming NA
Ninjas in Pyjamas Brazil


Let’s take a look at the challenges these will have to go through in the two stages of the tournament:

Group Stage

The first phase of the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters includes two groups with four teams each. The best squads from each region receive a bye, so The Guard, G2, Paper Rex, and LOUD proceed to the Playoffs directly.

Here’s how the rest of the teams have been distributed.

Group A

  • Fnatic
  • NiP
  • DRX

Group B

  • OpTic Gaming
  • KRU Esports
  • Team Liquid

The group stage is played in a double-elimination format. This means that losing two games automatically means the team is eliminated, while two wins lead to a place in the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Playoffs.

All matches are in the best-of-three and two teams from each group qualify for the next stage of the competition.


The Playoffs feature a double-elimination bracket. The top seeds from each region will face a squad that had to go through the group stage in the opening round of the Upper Bracket.

The winners move on to the semifinals of the same bracket, while the losers go to the Lower Bracket. Any defeat there leads to elimination.

The winners of the two brackets meet in the VALORANT Masters Grand Final. This clash and the Lower Bracket Final are in the best-of-five, while all other playoff encounters are in the best-of-five format.

2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Top Favorites

Now I want to discuss the teams who are the betting favorites to win the tournament. My analysis will focus on the strengths/weaknesses of the top contenders and how they should impact your VALORANT Masters betting strategy.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports initially began competing in VALORANT back in 2020 and the team won every event in the Ignition Series in their region that very same year. It’s one of the first giants on the VALORANT competitive scene.

In terms of the current European standings, G2 is still among the best of the best. They currently rank second overall in Europe with a 34-18 career record.

2021 was a down year for G2 Esports – the only major event they won was the Red Bull Home Ground tournament. They did, however, finish second in Stage 3 of the VALORANT Champions Tour in Europe.

It’s worth noting that G2 thrives when they play on Bind where they win 77% of their matches. The team even had a 24-game winning streak there!

If G2 can provide similar consistency on other maps, the team can go all the way. The talent and experience are there which is why the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters odds suggest this is one of the favorites.

The Guard

Representing North America, The Guard is the top-ranked team in the region and has played well in 2022. This includes winning Stage 1 of this year’s VALORANT Champions Tour in North America.

With a record of 31-8, The Guard quickly rose to the top of the standings. They also recently dominated at the 2022 Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship – they won every single match in the tournament.

Split is the only map where The Guard struggles – their combat score and kill/death ratio are well below average when they play on this map. If the guys can figure it out on Split, they will be lethal.

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming is another North American powerhouse when it comes to the VALORANT competitive scene. They currently have the second overall ranking in the region and consistently place high in major tournaments.

OpTic is incredibly competitive and they’re well ahead of many talented teams in North America. They most recently finished second in Stage 1 of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour in North America.

Currently, OpTic’s biggest competition is The Guard, even though the two teams have only played against each other twice (and it was in the same tournament). A potentially epic North American rematch could be brewing, but this depends on how the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters plays out.

2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters Prediction and Betting Pick

The top three teams I highlighted are head and shoulders above anyone else. It’s unlikely that any of the other squads can challenge for the 2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters title, so I will focus on the main favorites only.

Based on the format and my analysis of top contenders in the tournament, OpTic Gaming is my personal favorite for the Grand Final. The team is a true powerhouse with no real weaknesses.

What also stands out about OpTic is their explosiveness and how well they play when their backs are against the wall. It’s a tough squad to beat and the odds are great. If you plan on betting on the Reykjavik Masters 2022 winner, this is the pick.

If you want to include a sleeper to your 2022 VALORANT Reykjavik Masters betting picks, I would recommend Fnatic. The team knows how to deliver clutch wins and put up a battle against any opponent.

Where to Bet on the VALORANT Reykjavik Masters

Are you wondering where you can make your VALORANT Reykjavik Masters betting picks? Check out the top esports betting sites – they offer you high odds, fast payouts, and many other perks.

Your VALORANT gambling experience will be more enjoyable and exciting if you pick them. You can also gamble on many different markets involving popular video games, such as CSGO, Dota, 2Overwatch, League of Legends, and PUBG.