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The halftime show at the Super Bowl always proves to be one of the most discussed entertainment events of the year. People take such an interest in it that they even place wagers on the performances.

If you intend to do the same, you should take a look at best betting sites for Super Bowl halftime wagers first.

Rank NL Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 €30 Free Bet Visit Site
#2 50% up to €100 Visit Site
#3 100% up to €200 Visit Site

All of the sportsbooks above will cover the halftime show at Super Bowl 56. The action taking place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The game itself will be exciting, and the same can be said about the performances after the second quarter considering the artists involved.

Like many of the other entertainment elements of the Super Bowl, such as the commercials and the National Anthem, the halftime show is fodder for real money bets. Halftime props are pretty much a category all their own. You can find many different ways to speculate on the performances and win big if your choices are correct.

But choosing the bets you’re going to make on the halftime show should only one part of the process. You should also choose the online bookmaker you’re going to be using. If you get it wrong, it might not matter if you get your halftime show bets correct or not.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the best gambling sites for the Super Bowl 56 halftime show offer. We’ll detail the best Super Bowl sites and explain the qualities that you should be looking for when you go to choose. And we’ll also give you some tips to help you win these halftime show wagers.

The Best Betting Sites for the Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show

When you’re considering using a football betting site to wager on the Super Bowl halftime show, your choice should be about more than just if the site gives you access to those bets (although that’s a big part of it.)

Other factors like safety, ease of use, and odds are critical for your overall experience. If you’re not careful, you could end up having a disastrous experience with something that’s supposed to be a lot of fun.

The goal of this post is to help you avoid that by highlighting the best sportsbooks for your Super Bowl halftime bets. Here is a rundown of three sites and apps that we feel stand apart.

Best Overall Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting Site: BetOnline

BetOnline Logo

  • Year Launched: 2001
  • Super Bowl Bonus: 50% up to $1,000
  • Crypto: Yes
  • US Players: Yes

BetOnline stands on top of the mountain, so to speak, when it comes to the online sports gambling experience. When it comes to the number of different bets that you can make on the halftime show, they provide the best selection.

You can bet on the color of Snoop Doog’s shoes, the number of Bored Ape YC NFTs shown, and a bunch of other things. The odds are solid too, so any successful wager will bring you a solid return.

On top of that, you’ll be getting a comfort level from using a site that has been in existence for so long and has quite the reputation. We expect that your Super Bowl 56 bets on the halftime show will be just the tip of the iceberg once you get to know BetOnline.

Safest Sportsbook for Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting: Bovada

Bovada Logo

  • Year Launched: 2011
  • Super Bowl Bonus: 50% up to $250
  • Crypto: Yes
  • US Players: Yes

Bovada is another excellent bookmaker for your Super Bowl 2022 halftime wagers. The sportsbook covers a large number of options, and you can enjoy some of the highest odds in the industry.

On top of that, this is one of the safest football betting sites available to Americans. Bovada has been around for a while and has a large customer base because the sportsbook is known for keeping its promises to the players.

You can add the fast payments and the excellent mobile version to the list of advantages of joining Bovada to bet on the Super Bowl halftime show.

Top Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting App: Betway

Betway Logo

  • Year Launched: 2006
  • Super Bowl Bonus: 100% up to $50
  • Crypto: No
  • US Players: No

When you want to make your Super Bowl halftime bets on the move, Betway is a great place to start. The sportsbook is excellent as a whole, so it’s not a shocker that the different mobile versions are among the best online.

You can install on of the native betting apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android. The alternative is to use the mobile responsive site of Betway that works on all mainstream phones and tablets. Both options open the door to the same features and gambling markets.

Betway is an excellent selection for those folks who might want to make a specialty halftime show wager on Super Bowl LVI whenever the mood strikes them.

More Trusted Betting Sites for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Site Year Originated Welcome Bonus for New Players Cryptocurrency allowed US players allowed 2003 60% up to $1,000 Yes Yes
MyBookie 2014 100% up to $1,000 Yes Yes
BetUS 1994 125% up to $2,000 Yes Yes
10bet 2003 50% up to £50 No No
TonyBet 2009 100% up to £300 Yes No

The sportsbooks above are great alternatives for Super Bowl 2020 halftime show gambling if you couldn’t quite pick a bookmaker yet. They have plenty of markets, cool promotions, and some of the highest odds available on the internet.

How to Choose a Site for Betting on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you are going to choose a betting site for the Big Game’s halftime show, you should go in knowing what it takes for each site to be one of the best. Use the following guidelines, which are the same that we use when we make our picks.

Make sure that the site is at least adequate in every department.

  • Good Reputation: Sports gamblers are a demanding group that knows what they like. If they give a site their stamp of approval, it is a very good sign. It’s also a good sign if the site is also one that has been around for a long time.
  • Safe Gambling: Be aware of any sites that seem to be making unrealistic promises about the money that you’re bound to win. Choose instead those sites that are licensed to operate in their jurisdictions and include top software that keeps your information from hackers. You need to be assured that you can gamble safely before you proceed.
  • Mobile Gambling Options: Whether you’re using a downloadable app or a site that is meant for a mobile device, you really need to be able to wager in a mobile fashion. Without that, you’re likely to miss out on bets. Or you could just miss out on the chance to place your bets when the odds are most in your favor.
  • Betting Variety: Look for sites that give you access to many different Super Bowl halftime betting markets. The more options are at your disposal, the higher the chances to find a profitable opportunity.
  • Banking Versatility: You should be on the lookout for sites that allow you to withdraw and deposit in many different ways. It’s even better if one of those options is cryptocurrency. The best qualities of crypto go hand in hand with online sports gambling.
  • Fast Payback: The best sports gambling sites give you clear and easy guidelines for requesting withdrawals from your gambling account.
  • Big Bonuses: Bonuses can help you out in terms of trying to make a profit. The good news is that the Super Bowl is the biggest gambling event out there, so you’ll most certainly find promotions that can bring you extra cash.
  • Customer Service: It’s important that you can contact a site with any question or problem you might have. And it’s equally important that you get a proper response from customer service in a timely fashion.

Now that you know how to pick the best sportsbook for Super Bowl halftime betting, let’s check the most popular markets for the show.

Common Super Bowl 56 Halftime Bets

One of the interesting things about betting on the Super Bowl halftime show is that your options will often change from year to year.

Further Info:

That’s because the circumstances of each show tend to be drastically different. For example, the bets offered in the case of a single performer would be very different than if it were more of a multi-artist mini-concert.

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show definitely falls into that second category. Here are the artists that are scheduled to perform.

  • Dre
  • Eminem
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Snoop Dogg

On the whole, these artists comprise a pretty impressive collection of rap and R&B superstars. But each of them brings a little bit of something different in terms of both their music catalogs and their personalities. And those specific aspects will drive the bets that are offered at the top Super Bowl 56 wagering sites.


We can’t know for sure every single prop bet that will be offered by the top sites for gambling on the Super Bowl halftime show. Some might not yet have been revealed, and something might happen before game time to add some more wagering angles.

Here are some betting possibilities for this year’s show:

  • Which artist will get the first word in the show?
  • What will be the first song performed?
  • What will be the last song performed?
  • How many songs will be performed during the show (over/under)?
  • Will there be a political statement made?
  • Will one of the artists be censored for a dirty word?
  • What will a specific artist wear?

Again, we don’t know for sure what the final betting menus will be for betting on the Super Bowl halftime show. But you should expect some variation on those wagers to be found on plenty of sites. And you can also expect some surprises courtesy of creative oddsmakers.

Tips for Betting on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Coming up with a definitive betting strategy might be tricky in the case of the halftime show because the artists tend to be unpredictable about what they’re planning.

You can use certain tactics to give you a little bit better chance on the whole.

Here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Familiarize yourself with the artists: Getting to know some of the most popular songs of the artists involved is a great place to start. Be aware as well of any collaborations between the artists that they’ve done in the past. They could give a hint as to the songs that will be performed.
  • Look at past Super Bowl halftime shows: You might want to fire up the videos of some of the past halftime shows. That will give you an idea of the length of the shows and how many songs are usually performed. It will help if you’re going to take a shot at any of the over/under halftime bets.
  • Find value where you can: It’s not the best idea to bet “sure wagers” with the halftime show. The oddsmakers at betting sites don’t have much in the way of information either, so their odds aren’t as ironclad as they would be for the game. As a result, selections that might seem like long shots in the odds could have a legitimate chance of delivering.


You should now have a pretty good idea of where to make your halftime show bets for the upcoming Super Bowl. The best real money betting sites will provide everything you need from their end. All you need to do is pick some of the winners so you can walk away with a nice profit from your Super Bowl 56 halftime show bets.