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Many people will be shocked to learn that betting on the CrossFit Games is available, but it’s true! Some gambling sites accept real money wagers on the competition.

I share more about them below and explain how to bet on the CrossFit Games in 2022. I’ve also added my tips on preparing for the competition. The goal is to help you find the most valuable bets available and back the right contestants.

Can You Bet on the CrossFit Games 2022?

Before we do anything else, let me confirm that CrossFit Games betting is available. A small number of sportsbooks covered the previous few events, so I expect to see at least some of them offer markets on the competition this year too.

At the moment of writing, the CrossFit Games 2022 betting odds haven’t been released, but that’s normal.

The preliminary stages of the tournament start on February 24, and the online gambling sites usually cover only the finals that are scheduled for August.

I provide more information on this year’s format and key dates below, so stay tuned. Let’s talk about the best places for CrossFit Games betting in 2022 first.

Top Sites for CrossFit Betting Online

Before sharing my recommended CrossFit gambling sites, let me make a quick disclaimer. I can’t guarantee you 100% that they will cover the competition.

No bookmaker does that right now, but my top sites did it in the past. They are the most likely to offer CrossFit Games betting odds in 2022 again. With that in mind, here’s the list.

Rank NL Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 €30 Free Bet Visit Site
#2 50% up to €100 Visit Site
#3 100% up to €200 Visit Site

I’ve used several key criteria when I picked the online sportsbooks above. Let’s take a look at them in more detail. You should follow them if you decide to find where to bet on the CrossFit Games on your own.

  • CrossFit Games Coverage – The betting sites above will most likely provide at least a few markets for the competition. They usually have odds for the winners of the most popular categories. Sometimes, you can even bet on the different disciplines.
  • CrossFit Games Betting Odds – You can expect competitive odds and low margins at the top sites for CrossFit betting.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – Don’t expect exclusive bonuses for betting on the CrossFit Games because you won’t find them. The good news is that the gambling apps and sites above all have regular offers that can be used on the event.

These are only the criteria related to the CrossFit Games 2022. I also made sure to only pick safe betting sites that offer fast payouts, a smooth mobile experience, and a reliable customer support service.

If you want to take a look at the general factors we use to rank, you should check our page on online betting. There, we explain what’s the process all recommended sportsbooks go through to earn our trust.

CrossFit Games 2022 Format and Key Dates

The format of the 2022 CrossFit Games is similar to previous editions, but there are certain changes in the details. There are multiple stages, and the top contestants in each of them progress to the next one until the best of the best meet in the final.

Here is a full list of the categories included in the CrossFit Games 2022.

Category Divisions
Individuals Men, Women
Teams One joint division
Teenage Boys 14-15/16-17
Teenage Girls 14-15/16-17
Masters Men 35–39/40–44/45–49/50–54/55–59/60–64/65+
Masters Women 35–39/40–44/45–49/50–54/55–59/60–64/65+
Adaptive Men 8 divisions
Adaptive Women 8 Divisions

CrossFit Games betting is usually available for the individual categories and sometimes, for the team class.

Let’s check the schedule for every phase of the competition for individuals.

  • The Open (2/24-3/14): the initial regional qualifiers for the CrossFit Games 2022 are called the Open. The top athletes from each part of the world face each other. The best 10% earn a place in the next stage.
  • Quarterfinals (3/24-4/24): Another round of qualifiers that are designed to cut the field to only 300 athletes.
  • Semifinals (5/20-7/1): When the semifinals are done, the best 18 contestants qualify for the finals. The rest of the field enters the Last-Chance Qualifier that awards 2 more spots.
  • CrossFit Games 2022(9/3-7): The best athletes in the two main individual categories (men and women) fight for the title in the 2022 CrossFit Games.

If you want to know more details about the CrossFit Games 2022, check out the official page of the competition. It includes an excellent breakdown, all the key dates for every category, and useful statistics for previous editions.

Tips for Betting on the CrossFit Games

If you are interested in CrossFit Games 2022 betting, you should prepare for your wagers properly.


The bookmakers don’t know much about the sport, so there are excellent opportunities to make money.

I have several tips that can help you break down the CrossFit Games odds for 2022 and recognize the profitable bets.

Look for All-Rounders

The format of the CrossFit Games is designed to test all contestants in the following ten major performance categories.

  • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy

These are the ten skills CrossFit is focused on. The disciplines in every edition of the Games vary, but all of the above are included, one way or another.

The top 40 athletes in the final receive points for each discipline. The winner takes 100 points while the last-placed contestant gets 0. You can’t afford to be too weak in any of the ten main categories. It’s close to impossible to make up for a few mediocre rounds.

That’s why you should look for athletes that are at least decent in every area. If you don’t know how to determine if that’s the case, the next tip for betting on the CrossFit Games is just for you.

Analyze the Qualifiers

Don’t forget that the path to the CrossFit Games 2022 features a bunch of preliminary rounds and qualifiers. The exact exercises in each of them are different, but the skills tested remain the same.


You should most definitely check the results of the finalists in every single step before the final. I suggest making a sheet that includes a rating for their performance in the ten main categories of CrossFit before the last stage.

It can be an excellent summary of the strong and weak points of every contestant. If you don’t have the time to gather data for all of them, you can always focus on the top 5 or 10 athletes instead.

Look at Previous Editions

Climbing through the ranks in competitive CrossFit is a tough task that doesn’t happen overnight. The best athletes usually leave a mark on their way to the top.


You should explore the previous editions of the competitions when you bet on the CrossFit Games. I’d say that everyone in the top 10 from the previous year deserves attention.

The differences in that elite group are minimal, and if an athlete improved even a bit, that could be enough to win in 2022.

Look for All Sources of Information

When you bet on traditional sports, there’s a ton of information available online. It’s a bit different with CrossFit. I already shared the link to the official site of the Games. This is your best resource when it comes to stats and facts about the competition.

Finding legitimate opinions of other people is a bit harder but not impossible. An excellent example is the CrossFit Games Reddit. You can find interesting discussions there for the chances of each athlete from people who are part of the community.

They often have insights you won’t find anywhere else.

I suggest following the interesting threads there when gambling on the CrossFit Games. You should also look for other places where the fans discuss the competition, like social media.

Follow the Fundamentals of Sports Betting

CrossFit betting certainly is not like targeting more traditional sports such as football, basketball, and tennis. However, certain principles of gambling with real money are still applicable. Here are the most obvious fundamentals you must consider.

  • Value Betting – Only bet if you think that the odds are good and you have positive expectations in the long run. Don’t try to guess the outcome.
  • Bankroll Management – Make sure to stick to your means and bet reasonable amounts of money.
  • Stay Selective – Don’t place too many wagers; it’s a certain way to lose.
  • Ignore Your Bias – Don’t back your favorite athlete just because you like them. Stay objective.

If you want more info on these and other key aspects of gambling, check our tips for sports betting.


Betting on the CrossFit Games in 2022 is an excellent way to face the bookmakers in an area where they are not at their strongest. The opportunities will be there if you are willing to put in the effort, and I sincerely hope this blog can help.

Still, you should be aware of the fact that most online sportsbooks will be reluctant to accept large wagers on the CrossFit Games. If you want to gamble big, I suggest checking our list of best events for sports betting.