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Europe’s beloved 2022 Eurovision contest is coming soon and many bookmakers have already reacted. The lines are already out for one of the world’s most prestigious song competitions. I explore the latest Eurovision betting odds in this post.

With artists from 40 different countries all vying for the top honor, the battle’s going to be fierce. Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, and Greece are the top contenders and I share my thoughts on them before revealing my 2022 Eurovision predictions.

2022 Eurovision Betting Odds

This year the contenders feature a talented list of musicians from around the globe. Here are the Eurovision betting odds for the top ten songs that have been nominated.

  • “Stefania” by Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) – 2.00
  • “Brividi” by Mahmood & Blanco (Italy) – 4.85
  • “Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden) – 6
  • “Space Man” by Sam Ryder (United Kingdom) – 13
  • “Die Together” by Amanda Tenfjord (Greece) – 19
  • “River” by Ochman (Poland) – 19
  • “Give That Wolf a Banana!” by Subwoolfer (Norway) – 34
  • “SloMo” by Chanel (Spain) – 34
  • “De Diepte” by S10 (Netherlands) – 34
  • “Not the Same” by Sheldon Riley (Australia) – 41

“Stefania” by the Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) is the overwhelming favorite at this point and the political situation in the country is the biggest factor here. All of the major bookmakers unanimously believe that Ukraine will take home the Eurovision best song award.

And yet, it’s quite early and the likes of Italy and Sweden will most certainly fancy their chances too. The live performances can often change the outcome, so the early Eurovision 2022 betting odds don’t mean that Ukraine will win for sure.

I share my thoughts on all of the favorites and a few Eurovision sleepers below, but let me remind you of how the format works before we get there.

Eurovision 2022 Format and Key Dates

Understanding the format of the 2022 Eurovision song contest should ease any uncertainty you have about how the betting works. Here are the different stages of the competition.

  • Semifinal 1: May 10
  • Semifinal 2: May 12
  • Grand Final: May 14

The 66th edition of the annual event will take place in Turlin, Italy, on May 14. Before then, two semifinal events will occur on May 10 and May 12.

As always, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom earn automatic spots in the finals. That’s because they are the biggest contributors to the European Broadcasting Union.

The other countries will fight for a place in Turin in the two semifinals. The 10 best songs from each semifinal proceed to the Grand Final. The standings are determined by both phone voting from all countries involved and a jury of five music industry pros.

The same process is repeated in the Grand Final where a winner is declared. You can find more details about the rules on this page.

The presenters chosen for the award are Italian singer Laura Pausini, TV personality Alessandro Cattelan, and Lebanese-British musician Mika. The theme of the 2022 Eurovision award is “The Sound of Beauty.”

As part of the updated rules of the contest, pre-recorded backing vocals are now allowable to use. However, lead and featured artists will need to perform the song live.

Performers can still opt to use live backup vocals. The purpose of the recent rule change is to provide additional support for songwriters who want to match the original studio version of their songs.

That’s the reason why live instruments aren’t used at Eurovision either.

Eurovision 2022 Main Favorites

The following Eurovision 2022 poll is one of the best ways to see what the public likes. While that’s not always accurate, it’s a good starting point alongside the latest Eurovision odds.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the performers who can potentially claim victory over their competition.

 “Stefania” by Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine

Ukraine is the outright favorite to win the 2022 Eurovision song contest. Sung entirely in the Ukrainian language, the song features elements of hip-hop and folk music

The writers of the song, Ivan Klimenko and Oleh Psiuk, say that the song was an ode to the mother. “Stefania” by Kalush Orchestra also touches on subjects of nostalgia and past life experiences that shape who we are in life.

The song is decent and has some of the traits required to perform well in Eurovision, but there’s a bigger reason why it’s expected to win. Most Europeans will likely show solidarity with Ukraine that’s undergoing a real tragedy right now by voting for the country.

“Brividi” by Mahmood & Blanco, Italy

History shows that the Eurovision best song betting odds don’t always accurately predict the winner. That’s why you need to keep a close on Italy’s entry, which qualified for the contest after winning the 2022 Sanremo Music Festival.

“Brividi” by Mahmood & Blanco was released on YouTube back in February and has already exceeded 46 million views.

The subject matter of the song deals with freedom and our universal desire to express love at all costs despite feelings of inadequacy. It’s an excellent piece of music that would likely win in many other years, but I’m not so sure in 2022.

“Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia Jakobs, Sweden

Sweden is currently the third favorite to win the Eurovision contest with the song “Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia Jakobs. The lyrics are actually sung in English, which many believe is a significant advantage in the competition.

Although the song isn’t nearly as popular as the other entries in the Eurovision contest, many are praising it for having plenty of raw, unfettered emotion. The odds of Sweden winning aren’t the most favorable, but you should an eye on them for a possible upset.

“Space Man” by Sam Ryder, UK

This is the first song that has a double-digit figure for the odds of winning. In other words, it’s somewhat a long shot to win and it probably shouldn’t be your gambling choice.

It’s worth noting that “Space Man” by Sam Ryder continues to gain popularity. Ryder, who hails from the United Kingdom, has a huge fan base on TikTok who feverishly supports him. His videos have generated more than 100 million views collectively.

It’s worth noting that “Space Man” by Sam Ryder continues to gain popularity. Ryder, who hails from the United Kingdom, has a huge fan base on TikTok who feverishly supports him. His videos have generated more than 100 million views collectively.

2022 Eurovision Sleepers

With the Eurovision best song contest, you can never predict who’s going to win with absolute certainty. Out of the 40 entries in 2022, there are several sleepers that can also secure a victory.

Here are the dark horse contenders who can potentially surprise everyone:

  • “Die Together” by Amanda Tenfjord – Tenfjord, who is representing Greece, has considerable influence in Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • “River” by Ochman – This Polish singer and songwriter will likely finish among the top five in the competition, especially since the lyrics are sung in English.
  • “Give That Wolf a Banana!” by Subwoolfer – Norway’s entry for the Eurovision 2022 best song contest peaked at #5 on the Spotify Global Viral Chart.
  • “SloMo” by Chanel – Representing Spain in this year’s content, the song won the 2022 Spanish national final at Benidorm Fest.

When you consider all of the competitors in this year’s Eurovision contest, it’ll be difficult for anyone to sway the odds against Ukraine. That’s simply the nature of the world in 2022 and backing the country makes the most sense.

Where to Bet on Eurovision 2022 Online?

You can now place bets on your predictions by visiting some of the top Eurovision gambling sites. You can easily qualify for many amazing sign-up bonuses and other rewards when you use these websites to bet on the Eurovision best song contest in 2022.

This competition draws in hundreds of millions of viewers every year, making it the perfect opportunity to participate in betting options offered by online gambling sites. You get the chance to predict the outright winner as well as countries to finish in the top ten.