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With March Madness set to begin, the time to fill out your bracket for the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has come. However, to make the experience even more exciting and memorable, why not give your March Madness bracket a funny name?

You, your friends, and your co-workers all participate in this yearly ritual of mayhem involving college basketball. It’s a unique time of the year, which is why you have to pick a name for your March Madness that’s clever, catchy, and amusing.

Filling out the perfect bracket is also extremely unlikely – you have a much better chance of winning the lottery. However, even if your predictions don’t pan out, you can at least say that your bracket had an awesome name.

Also, keep in mind that those Cinderella stories only go so far, with a no. 1 seed winning the championship roughly 52% of the time. That’s why having a bracket name that revolves around one of the top teams isn’t such a bad idea.

We want to help you devise the perfect name for your bracket that’ll have your friends laughing hysterically and partaking in the fun. I provide specific suggestions below.

Before we get there, let’s begin with some ideas on how to approach this challenging task on your own because that’s half of the fun!

How to Generate Clever March Madness Bracket Names

The best March Madness bracket names usually make pop-culture references or mention famous basketball coaches or players. You should also make use of puns and clever wordplay to tie everything together.

Sure, it seems like a simple formula, but the results are always top-tier. You want your bracket name to seem relevant to the sports landscape in some way.

You should also consider setting aside some time with your friends to brainstorm names for your brackets.

What are the teams that you have advancing to the Final Four, and what’s relevant/similar about all those teams?

Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off your friends to discover a clever March Madness bracket name that no one else is thinking about. With enough trial and error, the right name will come to you.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to come up with the most creative and original bracket name. You’re likely focusing on the tournament matchups and following all the major storylines. Your March Madness bracket name ideas should be simple, culturally relevant, and easy to flesh out.

The Best Bracket Names for March Madness

You also have the option to search for cool March Madness bracket names online. These names can even help you brainstorm your own ideas, or you can use one of them for your own bracket. Here’s a collection of names for some of the top teams in Men’s College Basketball. I made up some of them and found others on the internet!

Duke Blue Devils:

  • Cool Hand Duke
  • Blue Devil in the White City
  • Coach K-Mart
  • Coach K-Pop

Purdue Boilermakers:

  • The Boiler 3-Point Makers
  • Spoilermakers
  • Purdue-A-Title

Baylor Bears:

  • Baylor Made
  • Bearly Lethal
  • Bear Gut
  • Bear Drills-A-Three-Pointer
  • Bear John

Gonzaga Bulldogs:

  • From Zags to Riches
  • Going, Going, Gonzaga!
  • Raging Bulldogs

Arizona Wildcats:

  • Ari-Zone Defense
  • Wildcats Out of the Bag
  • Born to be Wildcat

General Puns and Wordplay:

  • Full Metal Bracket
  • Robin Hoop
  • March Sadness
  • March Badness
  • Church of Bracketology
  • My Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s Bracket
  • Final Fourgasm
  • Ball So Hard University
  • The East/West Bowl
  • You Know the School
  • Built by Taco Bell
  • THE Best March Madness Bracket
  • A Total Bracket Case
  • One Shining Moment
  • Brack Attack
  • No Bracket for Old Men
  • Dead-Pool
  • The Lord of the Brackets
  • Brackception
  • Brack to the Future
  • Once Upon a Time in March
  • Delete Eight
  • Gone in 40 Minutes

Feel free to use any of the suggestions if you can’t come up with other funny March Madness bracket ideas.


Naming your bracket is all part of the adventure of experiencing March Madness – it allows you to make the most of the moment. You get to witness all the chaos of college basketball culminating in one big event.

Remember, try to have fun with the entire process.

Naming your bracket doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Turn it into a March Madness party with all of your friends and family.

If you need further help on how to organize a cool contest, check out our guide to March Madness pools.