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Do you know who makes more money between a doctor specializing in an area, like brain surgery, and a general family doctor? The doctor specializing in brain surgery makes a lot more money than the general family doctor.

If you look at any profession, the person who specializes makes more money. So why are you trying to be a generalist sports gambler instead of a specialist?

The fastest way to figure out how to make a profit from betting on sports is to specialize. Here are six reasons why smart sports gamblers specialize first.

1 – It’s Easier to Become an Expert

If you like to bet on a game occasionally to keep things interesting, you can afford to make mistakes, like not properly handicapping games. But if you’re more serious about betting on sporting events, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

The only way to learn how to handicap games well enough to make a profit is by becoming an expert on whatever sport you’re placing bets on. If you want to have a realistic chance to win, you have to be at least as close to an expert as the sportsbooks are.

How do you become an expert?

The way you become an expert is to spend a lot of time researching the sport you’re betting on, watching games, and building and testing models and systems. All of this takes a lot of time, and there’s no reason to do it half-heartedly. You either need to dedicate the time and work necessary to become an expert, or don’t try at all.

The best way to become an expert is to focus on one sport. If you specialize in one sport, or even better, a small area in one sport, you can become an expert.

2 – It’s Faster to Handicap Games

Once you become an expert, it’s faster to handicap games. Also, because you’re dealing with a limited number of teams, you don’t have to work as hard finding the important information.

For Example

If you specialize in the football teams in a small conference, you’re dealing with somewhere around 10 teams. However, if you try to handicap games for all college football teams, you have to try to evaluate over 100 teams.

By specializing in 10 teams, you have time to learn more about each team, and the things you learned last week carry over into this week.

When I started specializing, I picked a mid-sized football conference in college football. I spent all season studying the teams, watching games, and building a network of news and information sources.

I continued specializing on the same conference the next season and added a second mid-sized football conference. I find it challenging to stay on top of more than two conferences in college football, but I can still handicap games much faster than I could when I was placing bets on a wider range of college teams.

3 – It’s Easier to Handicap Games

It kind of goes along with the information in the first two sections of this post, but it’s simply easier to handicap games when you specialize.

I still have to handicap games in the two college football conferences I specialize in, but I often see lines that I know are going to be profitable before I handicap games because I’ve worked hard to become an expert.

I used to spend 30 minutes or more handicapping games, and my results weren’t anything great. Now I can usually handicap games in my area of specialization in 10 minutes or less because I already know most of what I need to know to make profitable decisions.

Anything you can do to make handicapping faster and easier without losing profit is valuable.

The faster and easier it is to handicap games, the more time you have to build specialized knowledge in other areas.

I mentioned earlier that I focus on two college football conferences, and the reason why I don’t expand beyond this is because I find plenty of games with value every week, and I also bet on NFL games. But when I started getting serious about sports gambling, I only specialized in one area. After becoming an expert in one area, I started adding areas to specialize in.

4 – Building an Information Network Is Easier

The main tool winning sports gamblers use is information. Therefore, you need to get as much information as you can and quickly determine which information is valuable and which information you can set aside.

When you bet on many different teams and conferences and sports, you have to rely on sources of information that tend to be general. You don’t have time to do a deep dive into every team because there are too many teams.

When you specialize in a small number of teams, you can dig deep into the available information sources. You can build an information network quickly because you can keep going back to the best sources and add new sources when you find them.


Every sports gambler has access to the same information, but nobody has time to digest all of the information. The power of specialization is being able to digest all of the important information because you’re only working with a small amount of important information.

Don’t ignore how powerful an information network is to a sports gambler. The information you use is your main tool to beat the sportsbooks.

5 – It’s Easier to Build a System or Model

Every successful sports gambler I know uses either a system or model. In fact, most of them use multiple systems and models. I’m not saying that you absolutely can’t win without a system or model, but the odds are that if you’re winning, you’re using some sort of a system or model, even if you don’t think of what you’re doing this way.

A sports gambling model and system are basically the same thing.

A system is something you can plug statistics and information into that helps you identify value when you look at sports betting lines. A model is something you plug statistics into that helps you predict scores.

I use models with statistics and test new statistics one at a time. I usually run multiple models at the same time to determine new and better ways to predict games. Once I have a profitable model working, I use it as my system while testing new models.

It doesn’t matter whether you call what you do a model or a system. What matters is that when you specialize in sports betting, it makes it easier to build a winning system or model.

6 – It’s More Profitable

I used to bet on sports to have fun. I made a bet with a friend, and it made watching the game more interesting. I still do this occasionally, but most of the time I spend working on sports betting now is focused 100% on making a profit.

I learned that I had to stop betting for fun if I wanted to maximize my profitability. I had to get serious and find the best way to win. When I started specializing, I started making more money.

Some sports gamblers think they have to find a lot of different games to bet on to make a lot of money. But I learned that it’s more profitable to find a few games where I had a big edge and bet more on these games.

Further Info:

I’d rather bet $1,000 on a game where I have a lot of value than bet $100 on 10 games where I wasn’t as sure of the value.

Other than my experience, I can’t pinpoint anything proving that specializing is more profitable. But if you think about it for a few minutes, doesn’t it make sense that you’re more likely to make a profit when you’re an expert?


You have plenty of time left in your life to bet on multiple sports. But the first thing you need to focus on is making a profit. And the best way to make a profit is to specialize on one sport.

Once you learn how to win as a specialist, you can add a second sport or area to specialize in. But you have to become an expert in one area before you can try to specialize in more than one area.

When you specialize in sports betting, it’s easier to handicap games and faster. It’s easier to build systems and models, and it’s easier to build an information network. And most important of all, it’s easier to make a profit.