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The Super Bowl is the preeminent sporting event of the year for fans and gamblers. Most of the action on the Super Bowl comes from recreational gamblers.

That’s a lot of new money flowing into the sportsbooks. Prop bets on the game are immensely popular with recreational gamblers because they include things utterly unrelated to the sport of football.

A significant number of these wagers are made from purely an entertainment standpoint. But betting on fun doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Today, I’ll teach you how to make Super Bowl prop bets for recreational gamblers. Even the most fringe sports fan will find an excuse to get some of the excitement offered by prop bets.

The Game That Needs No Introduction

The Super Bowl is the most-viewed sporting event in the U.S. year after year. The game also draws millions of viewers from around the world.

Everything leading up to the championship game is 100% geared to promoting the annual contest. NFL fans, casual sports fans, and those who never watch sports are consumed with Super Bowl fever.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise the number of bets coming in on the Super Bowl dwarf all other U.S. sports events.

Over $500 million was wagered on Super Bowl LV between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.

That dwarfs the action put on the World Series or NBA Finals games.

Betting the Super Bowl Is Complicated

Super Bowl betting is complicated due to the incredibly high number of recreational gamblers making bets on the game.

All of this additional action makes it imperative that sportsbooks attract action on both sides of the game. Otherwise, the casinos stand to lose a significant amount of money on the contest.

That makes for highly tight lines on the Super Bowl. Many sharp bettors begin turning to the prop bets when the public has depleted any value on the traditional lines.

With wagers on the Super Bowl, you’ll see a massive volume of small bets that force the casinos to eliminate any value for average sports bettors.

All of which is made possible by the public being split so evenly between the teams.

Further Info:

The most extensive spread over the last 20 years of Super Bowl History was on Super Bowl XXXVI. The Rams were double-digit favorites over the Patriots and some spare named Tom Brady.

I suppose Brady had a fluke game because the Patriots not only covered, but they won the game. I wonder whatever happened to that Brady kid?

Prop Betting Makes a Splendid Entrance

One of the most iconic plays in Super Bowl history was also the birth of prop betting in the Super Bowl.

For years the biggest game of the year was completely lopsided. One team seemed to have a double-digit lead by halftime in 3 out of 4 years.

That led to a mammoth decline in public interest inside the sportsbook. But a man named Art Manteris was working as the chief oddsmaker at Caesars Palace, and Art had an idea.

Leading up to the game, Manteris offered gamblers 20 to 1 odds on whether William Perry would score an offensive touchdown.


The likelihood of a defensive tackle scoring an offensive touchdown is a longshot under normal circumstances, but Chicago’s head coach had run the play previously in the season.

The sportsbook took nearly a $1 million loss on the bet. However, something unique occurred.

Instead of the prop bets being summarily dismissed, casinos embraced them. Art knew that he had found a winner.

Prop betting was born on the back of severe losses throughout Las Vegas. All of the new gamblers making bets couldn’t be ignored.

Not Your Average Sports Wager

Patrick Mahomes on the Field

Prop bets are anything but business as usual for traditional sports bettors. However, before wading into the more exotic prop bets available, it’s wise to focus on the more common wagers available.

Your typical prop bets are broken down into two categories, game props and player props.

Game props refer to any action or event directly related to the game itself. These bets are typically straightforward and have modest odds.

The player props are equally popular. These wagers revolve around the performance of individual players.

For example, you may have a prop bet that Patrick Mahomes throws for over four touchdowns in the game. Or you may have a chance on whether Ezekiel Elliot will have over 110 rushing yards in the game.

These bets are most similar to what you’d expect to find with some daily fantasy sites.

Then there are the exotic prop bets. These bets cover everything not related to the game of football, and I mean everything.

The excellent aspect of exotic prop bets is that you can wager on literally anything. From the halftime show to commercials, there’s a prop bet for everything.

Betting On the Athletes

Betting on the athletes is an excellent way for recreational gamblers to make prop bets on the Super Bowl. These bets break down into yes or no chances for in-game results, over/under on performance totals, and my personal favorite head-to-head.


Head-to-head bets are the most straightforward bets. That makes them excellent for recreational gamblers.

Imagine you have a repeat of the Super Bowl matchup between the Bucs and Chiefs. You’ll have a broad range of bets relating to the two starting quarterbacks.

There would be a vast amount of action on which QB will have more TD passes, passing yards, completions, and more. Sports bettors merely need to pick which QB will excel in a specific metric, and there’s a prop bet to accompany.

Other popular prop bets for players include the Super Bowl MVP, total kicker points, and total TDs.

The Game Props Have Value

Game props follow the same lines as player props but focus on the game as a whole.

You’ll get some of these prop bets during the regular season.

So, if you follow football week to week, you’ll be in a decent position to spot some value.

You can wager on things like the first scoring play being a running play or pass play, longest field goal made, and total penalty yards.

There are tons of unique bets available for the game itself. You’ll do your best not to overextend yourself by betting on every prop available.

The Exotics Are Where the Most Entertainment Sits

The exotics are what gets everyone talking in the world of prop bets. These bets range from the cooky to the outright insane.

A few of the most infamous prop bets are the over/under on the National Anthem, what color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach, and what commercial will run first.

However strange those may seem, they don’t scratch the surface of bizarre prop bets.

If you’re a dog lover, you may want to bet on how many commercials will feature man’s best friend. The list of great prop bets goes on and on; their only limitations are the sportsbooks imagination.

Best Strategy for Making Super Bowl Prop Bets

There are some keys to keep in mind when you bet on the Super Bowl prop bets.

Betting on the coin flip is literally a coin toss. It takes zero handicapping skills and is a lot of fun leading up to the game. Plus, win, and you get to enjoy the remainder of the game a little richer.

Focus on finding value. You shouldn’t make a wide range of wagers merely because you can. Find ways to make money on prop bets.

Never bet money on anything that you can’t afford to lose. Some gamblers get themselves in difficult situations by gambling with funds needed for bills and expenses.

Super Bowl Props FAQ

When Can Punters Bet on Super Bowl Props?

The sportsbooks will start releasing Super Bowl prop bets as soon as the NFC and AFC championships are decided. Those games determine the two teams playing in the Super Bowl.

In the week leading up to the game, you’ll see a significant number of prop bets being added to the sportsbook. The two weeks leading up to the game are when sportsbooks will offer prop bets on the Super Bowl.

Why Bet on Super Bowl Props?

The short answer is because prop bets offer more entertainment potential to the casual NFL observer. The more complex answer revolves around the value that you can find on Super Bowl prop bets.

In any instance, the recreational gambler should be focusing on the entertainment aspects of gambling on the big game.

Where Can Gamblers Place Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Any sportsbook worth a dime will have a vast selection of wagers available for the Super Bowl. Many sports bettors will make the trip to Las Vegas for the event. That creates a beautiful atmosphere for viewing the game and laying action on prop bets.

There are plenty of reputable sportsbooks across the globe and online for sports bettors to place their prop bets. Online sportsbooks will often give new customers deposit bonuses for creating an account. That’s almost as good as free money to make your prop bets.


Now the newbies know how to make super bowl prop bets. Recreational gamblers are fantastic for football sports betting. The new blood brings more money into the sportsbooks and helps the industry grow.

I hate seeing recreational gamblers losing money unnecessarily by being unprepared. Focus on finding value, but don’t forget to enjoy the entire experience.