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Making money by gambling on the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament is a tough task. There are just so many college teams across the country. Following them all is close to impossible; that’s why I prefer March Madness live betting.

You can watch the games and use your general knowledge of the sport to spot profitable opportunities. It’s important to have a strategy in place to succeed, and my tips for March Madness live betting can certainly help.

Let’s check them out.

Prepare Before the Game Starts

Way too many people are lazy when it comes to live betting. They think watching the games is enough to find good March Madness in-play wagers.

That’s simply not the case.

You should always prepare before the start of the game you want to target.

You don’t have to spend hours looking at every little detail, but you should be aware of the big picture.

Make sure to learn the strong and weak sides of each team involved. Explore the previous results to see what the best players are and make sure you’re aware of the latest injuries.

The main goal here would be to figure out the most likely scenarios for the upcoming game. That can help you notice trends early when you bet on March Madness games live.

Follow the Stats

The eye test is an excellent way to catch lucrative wagers in NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament matches. The problem is that even the most experienced basketball experts can miss certain tendencies.


You should always double-check your impressions by comparing them with the latest data. The best sites and apps for March Madness online betting provide live stats directly from their in-game gambling console.

I’d say that you should investigate at least the following numbers.

  • Shooting Splits – Make sure to take a look at all shooting splits and compare them to the team’s usual stats. A college that’s way off in either direction is likely to move closer to the season averages as the match progresses.
  • Rebounds – A team that is outrebounding the opposition will have more possessions, and that makes a big difference when it’s all said and done.
  • Turnovers – A high number of turnovers indicates that a certain team is struggling offensively, so you should consider that in your March Madness live gambling strategy.

The stats above can provide an objective overview of what’s going on up to this point in the game. Of course, you should explore other data for the fine details of the specific markets you want to target with your bets.

Covering all angles is essential for your success, so always keep an eye on the stats.

Look for Momentum Swings

The emotions during March Madness are high. The players know that all NBA scouts observe them, the head coaches know that their job is on the line, and the fans are eager to see their team win. The whole country is watching, and the pressure is on!

When the tension is that high, it plays with the head of the young athletes. It’s almost impossible to keep a calm head under such circumstances. The emotions usually get the better of you. A few good possessions could make or break the spirit of any team.

We’ve seen insane swings and comebacks in the past. Do you remember when this happened?

You obviously won’t see many teams coming back from a double-digit deficit with less than a minute to play in the future. However, March Madness games tend to be very streaky, and the two teams will often exchange the initiative.

If you can foresee a momentum swing before it happens, you can make a lot of money from March Madness live betting.

We also have a guide to spotting March Madness upsets before the start of the games. I recommend checking it if you want to place your wagers in advance.

Consider the Coaches

Some of the best head coaches in the world are employed by college basketball teams. That’s hardly a surprise if you take a quick look at the highest salaries from the previous NCAA season!

The top programs in the USA pay their head coaches millions, and they expect a strong performance during March Madness.

Further Info:

College basketball players lack the maturity, experience, and confidence of NBA stars, so the coaches are even more important in college sports. The best ones can squeeze the absolute maximum from their roster when it matters the most.

That’s always something to consider when it comes to in-play March Madness betting. Make sure you know the coaches well because their actions during each game, especially in crunch time, often decide the outcome.

Look at Free Throw Percentages in Close Games

My next March Madness live gambling tip applies to close games only, but the tournament features plenty of them!


You should know that free throws are critical and decide most encounters that go to the wire.

Most college players are inconsistent from the line. If you add the pressure that comes with the occasion, it’s easy to understand why so many free throws are missed in the last few minutes of close March Madness games.

You can use that knowledge to your advantage when gambling live. If the game is close with around five minutes left, pay special attention to free throws. Look at season averages, check the performance in previous March Madness games, and make sure to explore the charity line splits from the current one.

The goal is to try and predict which team will have the upper hand when it comes to free throws.

General March Madness Live Betting Tips

My March Madness live betting tips so far have been focused on areas specific to the tournament. They are crucial to your success, but you should also consider the fundamentals of in-play sports gambling too.

Here are the most important among them.

  • Watch the Games – If you want to make money from live bets on March Madness, it’s absolutely crucial to actually watch the games!
  • Use Bonuses and Promotions – The regular bonuses of the best online betting sites can be used for live March Madness wagers. Some of them even have special promotions that can deliver additional value.
  • Ignore Your Bias – You probably like some college teams and detest others. Make sure to ignore your bias when placing your wagers.
  • Stay Calm and Collected – Live betting on March Madness is hectic. The odds change all the time, and you might lose or win multiple wagers before the game is over. It’s pivotal to keep a cool head, so you can make the best decisions.

If you follow these rules and dig deep enough, you have a decent chance of winning money from March Madness games. Good luck, and remember that timing is everything in live gambling!