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With the 2022 MLB season nearly upon us, sports bettors are wondering which teams are favored by the latest US baseball betting odds heading into the new year. The time to consider all of your MLB win totals bets for 2022 has come and I’m here to help.

After 2021, the lockout and CBA negotiations somewhat delayed the MLB betting odds. Now that the new baseball season will proceed, you can once again bet on MLB futures.

The current lines favor the LA Dodgers, Houston Astros, and Toronto Blue Jays as the top three teams to win the World Series. However, the sportsbooks have as many as five teams projected to win more than 90 games.

We want to provide you with a few recommended bets heading into the season. Here are the teams that you need to be watching:

Los Angeles Dodgers Win Total Odds and Prediction

The Los Angeles Dodgers currently lead the way in terms of the highest wins projection for 2022 out of any other team. They’re also currently the favorites to win the World Series. Here’s what the latest MLB futures odds look like.

Dodgers Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +500
  • Over 96.5 Total wins: -110
  • Under 96.5 Total wins; -110

The win totals is favorable among the sports betting community because the Dodgers won 106 games in 2021. The team also signed Freddy Freeman in free agency, who recently won the MVP award back in 2020.

The Dodgers have also made three appearances in the World Series since 2016, which is almost unprecedented in the modern-day MLB. They ultimately lost to the Braves during the 2021 National League Championship Series.

Although the Dodgers lost star pitcher Max Scherzer to free agency, Los Angeles has a starting rotation with plenty of talent. This includes Walker Buehler and Julio Urias, both of which combined for 36 wins last year.

Max Muncey is also returning to the Dodgers, who cranked out 40 home runs for the team in 2021. Many are also hoping that former MVP Cody Bellinger can bounce back from an abysmal 2021 season.

Ultimately, the safest bet you can make for the upcoming MLB season is for the Dodgers to exceed 96 wins in 2022. They have an incredibly talented roster and all the makings of a team that can make a run and win the World Series.

Houston Astros Win Total Odds and Prediction

The Houston Astros are another team you need to monitor when it comes to MLB regular season wins betting. The team is hoping to make their sixth straight appearance in the American League Championship series.

Astros Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +810
  • Over 92.5 Total wins: -110
  • Under 92.5 Total wins; -110

The Astros lost their starting shortstop, Alex Correa, to free agency, but the team still retains a lot of talent. This includes 2-time Cy Young-winning pitcher Jason Verlander, who they recently re-signed to a 2-year, $50 million contract.

The Astros will also keep Jose Altuve, Michael Brantley, and Alex Bregman, who’re still amazing baseball players in all their own right. Houston is also hoping that Kyle Tucker can continue to improve after showing incredible progress in his development last season.

Another notable player for the Astros is Yordan Alveraz – he’s entering his third season after a year in which he hit 33 home runs and drove in 104 RBIs. These are great numbers, but with Correa’s departure creating a huge void, Alvarez will need to continue improving.

93 total wins are certainly attainable for Houston, especially when you consider their consistency and success in recent seasons. Ultimately, you can expect Houston to cover their projected win total and potentially make another trip to the World Series.



Over 92.5 total wins

Toronto Blue Jays Win Total Odds and Prediction

The Toronto Blue Jays are now on everyone’s radar – especially when you consider the fact that the team has two budding stars in Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette.

Astros Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +870
  • Over 91 Total wins: -110
  • Under 91 Total wins; -110

Many bettors are going to take note of the fact that the Blue Jays are a young team with players who’re hungry to win. After earning 91 wins in 2021, the belief is that they can easily recapture the magic from last year (despite ultimately missing the playoffs).

The two pitchers who can also help take the Blue Jays to the next level in 2022 are Jose Berrios and Kevin Gausman. Although the bullpen will need to make improvements, the pitching this year should alleviate a lot of the deficiencies from last year.

Many bettors favor the Blue Jays exceeding 91 wins in 2022, especially when you consider their odds of winning the World Series.

I have my doubts, though, because numbers can be misleading when it comes to Toronto. The talent is obvious, but the team lacks experience and we saw that the bullpen is not consistent enough. If you add the increased pressure to deliver results after the improved performance last year, I believe that the under option is better here.

New York Mets Win Total Odds and Prediction

The New York Mets are another team you should consider for your MLB regular-season wins bets predictions for 2022. That’s because the organization has a roster in place that should allow them to dominate the National League.

Astros Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +900
  • Over 89.5 Total wins: -110
  • Under 89.5 Total wins; -110

The centerpiece of the Met’s roster is Pete Alonso, who smashed 51 home runs his rookie season. He was also productive in 2021, but he’ll need to match his contributions from 2019 if the Met’s expect to make a run at the World Series.

Let’s also not forget to mention Jacob DeGrom, the 2-time NL Cy Young winner who continues to pitch incredibly well. Many believe that DeGrom can reclaim the award again this year and win as many as 20 games this season.

On the negative side, Fransisco Lindor had arguably the worst season of his career in 2021 playing for the Mets. He finished the year with a .230 batting average and 20 home runs, which was uncharacteristic for the former Cleveland Guardian star shortstop.

Will Lindor rebound in 2022? The belief is that he can help complement a roster that now includes many new players, including Mark Cahna, Eduardo Escobar, and Starling Marte. These are guys who can get on base and provide run support for different pitchers such as DeGrom.

Will the Mets exceed 89 wins this season? That’s a tough one, especially when the team has only one 90-win season in the past 13 years. Ultimately, there are way too many question marks and I prefer the 2022 MLB win totals odds for the under instead.


    MY PICK:

    Under 89.5 Total wins

New York Yankees Win Total Odds and Prediction

The New York Yankees are one of the most exciting teams in baseball every year. Their roster always has talented players, and 2022 is no different. With names like Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton, and Aaron Judge, the Yankees will likely generate plenty of wins.

Yankees Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +940
  • Over 92.5 Total wins: -110
  • Under 92.5 Total wins; -110

Unfortunately, the Yankees have to play the Boston Red Sox nearly 20 times each year, which can certainly skew the MLB win totals odds for New York.

In 2021, the Yankees finished the season strong, ultimately earning themselves a spot in the playoffs after winning 92 games. Although they lost to the Red Sox in the Wild Card game, they showed a lot of promise down the final stretch of the season.

Aaron Judge finished 4th in the AL MVP voting 2021 and is one of the favorites to win the award in 2022. The team’s starting rotation also has plenty of depth, a group that ranked 10th in ERA last year.

The Yankees are legitimately a World Series contender in 2022, and I expected them to win more than 92 games. The Yankees also filled a huge need at first base by re-signing Anthony Rizzo which ultimately helps them solidify their roster.

Atlanta Braves Win Totals Odds and Prediction

It only makes sense that we include the 2022 MLB regular-season wins odds for the Atlanta Braves. They won the World Series in 2021 and now have the tough task of embarking on another championship run.

Braves Futures Odds

  • World Series 2022 winner: +950
  • Over 89.5 Total wins: -110
  • Under 89.5 Total wins; -110

The Braves were certainly a Cinderella story in 2021. They lost their star right fielder Ronald Acuña to injury halfway through the season. They also entered the All-Star break with a losing record at 44-45 yet were still able to make the playoffs.

This year, the Braves return many of their core players who were pivotal to their World Series run. This includes Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, and Adam Duvall in addition to Acuña who’s expected to play at the beginning of the year.

The biggest blow to the Braves’ offseason was losing Freddy Freeman to free agency. However, Atlanta was able to land Matt Olson, who’ll effectively replace Freeman and become the new starting first baseman.

It’s worth noting that although the Braves ultimately won the World Series, they only finished the year with 88 regular-season wins in 2021. However, Atlanta has won their division each of the last four seasons.

I expect something similar this season. Atlanta should have a solid regular season, but covering the line will be tough after losing Freeman. This was one of the more challenging MLB Win Totals bets for 2022, but I’m going against the champs.


    MY PICK:

    Under 89.5 Total wins

Where to Bet on the MLB in 2022?

Nothing is ever certain, especially when it comes to MLB futures and 2022 betting predictions. Some teams will exceed expectations and others will come up well short of their goals. However, if you follow the stats and trends, you’ll quickly identify which MLB franchises are capable of eclipsing their projected win totals.

Are you interested in learning more about where and how you can place bets on the upcoming baseball season? The MLB betting sites offer high odds for US baseball futures and they cover all games during the campaign.

Picking them can bring you other perks like rewarding bonuses and promotions, fast payouts, and all sorts of exciting MLB betting options for 2022.