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One of the most popular original Netflix shows – Ozark Season 4 Part 2 is almost and fans are eager to learn what happens. Part 2 is also the second half of the show’s final season, and many are wondering about the fate of the Byrde family.

Netflix announced that Ozark Season 4 Part 2 quill premiere on April 29. The streaming service will also release a companion documentary detailing the creation and evolution of Ozark.

Throughout the entire series, Ozark has featured some shocking deaths and introduced plenty of new characters along the way. However, anything is possible as the popular Netflix show is coming to an end.

The upcoming season will certainly feature a few surprises and other unexpected developments. I plan on making several Ozark Season 4 Part 2 predictions, which can also help guide your own betting picks. Here’s is what I think will happen during the final season:

Marty and Wendy Get Divorced

This one seems pretty obvious – Wendy and Marty have been experiencing marital issues throughout the entire show. However, at one point they ended up visiting a marriage counselor to try and salvage their relationship.

Unfortunately, during a fight between Marty and Wendy, the Byrdes revealed everything. They accidentally divulged their involvement with the cartel and the illegal money laundering scheme. This forced Marty to bribe the therapist to remain silent.

The only reason why Marty and Wendy are still together is because of the imminent threat that the cartel poses to their lives. If they both end up surviving at the end of the show, don’t be surprised if they decide to split up.

Marty and Wendy’s inevitable separation is one of the safest Ozark Season 4 prop bets you should consider making. It’s been a toxic relationship since the outset of the show.

Ruth Leaves Town

Ozark has a lot of parallels to Breaking Bad, particularly surrounding Julia Garner’s character. She ultimately serves as a sidekick to Marty and helps facilitate his criminal enterprise.

Aaron Paul’s character in Breaking Bad ultimately escapes captivity from a ruthless group of drug dealers at the end of the series. This could suggest that Ruth finds a way to survive while each of the other characters will suffer a cruel fate.

It’s also important to remember that many of Ruth’s family members are dead. She doesn’t have any reason to remain and continue living in the Ozarks. If anything, she has plenty of reasons to leave and get away from all the chaos. Ultimately, I predict that Ruth will escape the Ozarks alive.

Either Marty or Wendy Gets Killed

These two seminal characters have defied the odds by surviving up to this point, which is why it’s very plausible that one or both of them could end up dead.

In shows that are similar to Ozark, where the main characters have attributes of an anti-hero, you can expect them to die. An example includes Breaking Bad – Walter White dies after suffering a bad gunshot wound in a shootout with rival drug dealers.

Your Ozark season 4 prediction should account for Marty or Wendy potentially getting killed. It’s also very possible that both of them could end up getting incarcerated after it’s all said and done. I predict that at least one of them – Marty Byrde – will end up dead before the season ends.

The Downfall of the Navarro Cartel

The Navarro cartel will certainly meet its maker as Ozark comes to an end. At the end of Season 4 Part 1, an FBI agent arrested Omar, and the authorities shifted their focus to Javi Elizandro, who assumes a leadership role within the cartel.

The belief is that Javi will make several crucial mistakes as Omar tries to exercise control over the cartel from jail. Elizandro is extremely unpredictable and at times self-destructive, which doesn’t bode well for the cartel.

The future is looking bleak for Javi and Omar. Your predictions for Ozark season 4 part 2 should certainly consider the cartel’s demise as a plausible outcome. My belief is that all the money laundering and heroin trafficking will certainly come to an end.

The Odds of Every Ozark Character Dying First

  • Wyatt Langmore; +350
  • Maya Miller; +450
  • Omar Navarro; +450
  • Darlene Snell; +500
  • Three Langmore; +600
  • Wendy Byrde; +600
  • Jonah Byrde; +700
  • Marty Byrde; +700
  • Charlotte Byrde; +800
  • Ruth Langmore; +900

The oddsmakers currently expect that Wyatt Langmore will likely be the first one to lose his life during Season 4 Part 2 of Ozark. Wyatt, who’s the cousin of Ruth Langmore, is certainly one of the more expendable characters at this point in the show.

FBI Agent Maya Miller and Cartel Leader Omar Navarro are the next characters that oddsmakers believe will die before anyone else. Furthermore, if Ruth and or anyone from the Bryde family perishes, it’ll likely happen at a later point in the final season.

My prediction: Three Langmore is the first one to die. It’s very possible that this could happen because he’s not an essential character in the show’s plot.

Three is also among the most vulnerable to the violence and mayhem of the Navarro Cartel. Furthermore, the Byrde family likely won’t prioritize his safety and well-being.

With the current betting odds, one of the best Ozark Season 4 prop bets is Three Langmore losing life before anyone else. It’s a prediction that I feel confident making.

Where to Bet on Ozark Season 4 Part 2?

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