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Casino gamblers have been trying to find winning strategies for as long as casinos have existed. And most gamblers haven’t found any way to win. But there are a few gamblers that have found the secret.

The secret is that there is more than one way to win when you gamble, but most gamblers never learn how. But you’re going to learn about three winning strategies in this post that most gamblers don’t know about.

But knowing about these winning strategies isn’t enough. Once you learn the secrets, you have to master the skills you need to make the strategies work. Here’s the information you need to start.

1 – Tracking Aces and Fives When You Play Blackjack

Before you skip this section, don’t let any preconceived notions you have about card counting keep you from learning an easy way to play blackjack profitably. Even if you struggle using this easy system, you should be able to break even when you play blackjack using it.

The main reasons more people don’t use card counting are they don’t know about it or think it’s too hard to learn and use. While some card counting systems are hard to learn and use, some systems are easy to learn and use.

The first thing I want to do is squash a few myths about counting cards. First, you don’t have to remember every card that gets played. In fact, you don’t have to remember any card that gets played. I’ll explain what you have to do shortly, but it’s a lot easier than remembering every card.

Another myth is that counting cards is illegal.

Further Info:

The casino industry wants you to believe that counting is illegal because it’s one of the few ways you can beat their games. But card counting isn’t illegal anywhere that I know of. Of course, you should check your local laws to verify this before you play.

Every card counting system for blackjack uses a ratio to track cards. A ratio is simply a comparison of low cards and high cards that have already been dealt. And the way you use a ratio is to add or subtract from a number as you see each card played.

Complicated systems track more cards, but you can use a simple system where you keep the ratio of only two cards in the deck. As you probably guessed from the title of this section, the two cards you track are the aces and fives.

To keep things simple, start each game with a count of 10. Then, every time you see a five, add one to your total, and every time you see an ace, subtract one from your total.

When your count is at 12 or higher, then double your bet amount. When your count is at 11 or lower, make the smallest bet available at the table.

When the count gets to 14, double your bet again and again when the count gets to 16.

That’s all you have to do to get a small edge, or at least break even when you play blackjack. Of course, you can be more aggressive with raising your wagers as the count goes up, but you don’t have to be more aggressive.

But there are a couple of more things you need to know before you start. You have to use blackjack strategy if you want the system to work as well as possible, and you can’t play in games with bad rules. If a game only pays 6 to 5 for blackjack, this system won’t be able to help you win.

2 – Video Poker Bonuses, Perks, Coupons, and Promotions

You can play certain video poker games and get close to a 100% return. When you play casino games with a return of 100%, it means that you’re breaking even on average.

For Example

You might win $26 the first time you play, lose $42 the second time you play, and win $16 the third time you play. If you add up all of your wins and losses over time, they balance out to zero.

If you could play in casinos with a 100% return, you could gamble as much as you want. Sometimes you’re going to win, and sometimes you’re going to lose, but overall you’re going to break even.

The big problem with a 100% return in a casino is it’s pretty much theoretical. Casinos don’t often offer bets or games that give you a 100% return. Instead, they provide games that have an 85% to 99.5% return.

Of course, you’re better off playing games and making bets that have higher returns, but as long as the bet or game doesn’t have a return of 100%, you’re losing money. But you need to find out what bets and games offer the highest returns, and determine the best way to play these games and make these wagers.

As I mentioned in the opening of this section, you can find a few video poker games that have a return close to 100%.


For example, I play two different video poker games, with one having a return slightly over 99.5% and the other having a return of 99.7%. The two games I play are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

You can combine a video poker game with a high return with online or mobile casino bonuses, perks, coupons, and promotions to get closer to breaking even or even having the opportunity to win a little bit of money in the right situation.

The first step is learning what video poker games and pay charts offer the highest returns, and then you need to get the strategy for these games down pat. Then you need to find every type of extra you can get from casinos.

Sign up for the perks or comps program, keep an eye out for promotions and coupons, and look for the best mobile and online bonuses.

3 – Advantages in Other Games

Casinos don’t want gamblers to get a 100% or higher return. So most games and wagers offered in casinos will never offer a good return. But there are a few ways to get an advantage in gambling if you’re smart and learn the right things.

You just learned about blackjack and video poker and how you can get a small advantage, or at least break even. In this section, I will cover other ways that you might be able to get an advantage.

You can learn to get an advantage playing poker games. The poker games I’m talking about are the ones found in poker rooms, not the ones found on the casino floor.


Poker games on the casino floor have a built-in edge for the casinos, while poker games in poker rooms are played against other poker players, not against the house.

Another place where you can learn to make wagers with an advantage is in a sportsbook. Sportsbooks charge a fee on bets, but you can win enough to overcome the fee and make a profit. You have to learn how to handicap sporting events if you want to win enough to make a profit.

Getting back to playing in the casino with an advantage, there are a few more things you can try to do. None of these things are common, and they aren’t easy. But a few casino gamblers do use them to play with a small edge from time to time.

Some casino dealers don’t deal the cards correctly, and when this happens, you can see the value of cards as they’re being dealt. Of course, you have to have a sharp eye and pay attention, but if you find a dealer that does this, you can use the card information to make money.

Another opportunity is in casino card games that are shuffled by hand. Some dealers get lazy and don’t fully shuffle the cards. When a dealer doesn’t fully shuffle the cards, you might be able to track important cards as they’re being dealt and get an advantage.


Most casino gamblers don’t know a single winning strategy. Instead, they try to get lucky and remember when they win but quickly forget all of the times they lose. Now you know three different winning strategies, so you’re better off than most gamblers.

It’s never easy to win when you gamble, so don’t expect to instantly start dominating the casinos with the strategies in this post. But you can start using them and improve your skills on the way. Now that you’re on the right path, with enough work and effort, eventually, you can reach the goal of every gambler, winning more than you lose.