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Super Bowl 56 features the Los Angeles Rams of the NFC battling the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC for the NFL Championship. The game takes place on Sunday, February 13, and many fans are already lining up their wagers for the game. If you’re interested in exotic Super Bowl LVI bets, we’re going to reveal the top sites for wild props in this post.

In terms of betting, the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event from year to year. This year should be no different, as the matchup is one that no one saw coming. Why wouldn’t that be the case at the end of what has been one of the most unpredictable seasons in NFL history?

If you’re planning on betting on the game, you can always do so via the traditional methods. You can pick the winner, bet the point spread, or take a shot at the over/under. While these can all be lucrative wagering opportunities, there are plenty of exotic Super Bowl bets that let you approach the action in completely unique ways.

Some of them are about occurrences during the game that aren’t really tied into the outcome. Others have to do with the external elements of the game, such as the halftime show, the National Anthem, and the commercials. Many of these betting sites offer these wagers as part of their Super Bowl 56 package, but not all are smart choices for you as a bettor.

We help you to separate the wheat from the chaff by detailing the top gambling sites for exotic Super Bowl bets. We also explain how we picked the trusted online sportsbooks and offer you some tips on how to win them.

Best Super Bowl Sites for Exotic Wagers

As we mentioned earlier, many top betting sites will give you the chance to make exotic wagers on Super Bowl 56. The trick is to find the best ones in terms of return and overall experience.

Our gambling experts have taken the time to scour the internet to find the top legit sportsbook apps and sites for wild Super Bowl bets. They’ve done the research so that you can reap the rewards. And these are their most recommended sites.

Rank NL Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 €30 Free Bet Visit Site
#2 50% up to €100 Visit Site
#3 100% up to €200 Visit Site

These are the sites that ranked the best out of all those that we researched, and we researched them all. The sites in that list are the most solid in terms of covering all the bases for sports betting sites. You won’t find them lacking in any major department, and we share more on the ranking factors later.

Before we get there, we explore the key facts about our recommended sites to help you find the most suitable one.

BetOnline – 1,000+ Super Bowl 56 Bets

  • What year were they founded? – 2001
  • Do they allow cryptocurrency? – Yes
  • Do they take bets from US players? – Yes
  • What is their welcome bonus? – 60% up to $1,000

The reputation of BetOnline only seems to rise in the estimation of sports bettors with each passing year. When you visit their site, you won’t be able to find any holes where they might be lacking. As a result, they make for a great choice for Super Bowl exotic bettors.

You can enjoy more than 1,000 markets for the big game in 2022. Many of them are wild Super Bowl props related to the weather, other sports, the halftime show, the commercials, the casters, and a bunch of other stuff.

If you decide to try your luck with any of the exotic Super Bowl wagers, you can grab a large welcome bonus, and there are plenty of other BetOnline promotions when you’re done with it. All offers and markets are available on the go too, so you can place your wagers at any given moment.

BetUS – Huge Bonuses and Creative Super Bowl 2022 Wagers

  • What year were they founded? – 1994
  • Do they allow cryptocurrency? – Yes
  • Do they take bets from US players? – Yes
  • What is their welcome bonus? – 125% up to $2,500

BetUS certainly deserves a place among the best sites for exotic Super Bowl 2022 props. The experience that they possess is a real bonus, as they’ve been doing this almost as long as the internet has been around. But they’re not resting on their laurels, as they’re constantly innovating to improve the experience.

One of the ways they’re innovating is by coming up with all sorts of creative markets for betting on Super Bowl 56. The odds for all of them are high, and you can enjoy various bonuses for even larger returns.

You could add the slick mobile app, the fastest crypto payout in the industry, and the impeccable customer support to the reason why we like BetUS so much,

MyBookie – One of the Most Creative Super Bowl Gambling Sites

  • What year were they founded? – 2014
  • Do they allow cryptocurrency? – Yes
  • Do they take bets from US players? – Yes
  • What is their welcome bonus? – 100% up to $1,000

MyBookie has done a nice job of bringing a personal touch to the online sports gambling experience. They come up with their wagers and promotions with their customers in mind. And they also keep their takeout low so that you’re not getting short-changed with your exotic bets.

On that note, they have one of the finest selections of crazy Super Bowl LVI bets of any of the sites that we tested. Whether you’re looking for different angles into the game action of something attached to the entertainment aspects of the Super Bowl, they have it. And they make it easy for you to locate the bets you want with their nice, clean look. – Excellent for Exotic Super Bowl Bets With Crypto

  • What year were they founded? – 2003
  • Do they allow cryptocurrency? – Yes
  • Do they take bets from US players? – Yes
  • What is their welcome bonus? – 50% up to $1,000

There’s a lot to like about, both in general and in regards to the Super Bowl selection. You can enjoy all sorts of funny props for the big game and there’s even a Bet Builder that you can use to create your own markets.

On top of that, provides a deep selection of banking options for your withdrawals and deposits. Crypto lovers will be delighted by the large number of digital coins that are accepted and the exclusive bonuses that come with them. has also put a lot of thought into their mobile site. You can get anything you need on the go, and that can make a big difference if you’re going to be away from your computer while Super Bowl 56 is taking place.

Bovada – One of the Most Popular Sportsbooks for Exotic Super Bowl Props

  • What year were they founded? – 2011
  • Do they allow cryptocurrency? – Yes
  • Do they take bets from US players? – Yes
  • What is their welcome bonus? – 50% up to $250

In terms of respect within the online gambling industry, Bovada stands pretty tall. As a matter of fact, you’ll hear the name Bovada mentioned often in sports broadcasts and newspapers stories about the game. That’s because their oddsmakers do an amazing job of capturing the chances of all the options within each exotic bet.

Bovada is also known as a site that does an excellent job with customer service and withdrawals. Payback is reliable and comes quickly once you make your request.

On top of all that, Bovada also is a standout in the live betting department when you’re looking to make in-game exotic wagers.

Advantages of the Best Sites for Exotic Super Bowl Bets

We briefly mentioned some of the important details of the specific sports betting sites that we feel are the best for exotic Super Bowl wagers. But it’s important to realize that they do everything well when it comes to sports betting as a whole.


If you’ve never gambled online before, you might not understand all that this entails. But rest assured that each specific quality that we’re about to mention is very important, and any site that lacks them shouldn’t be considered.

Here are the key facets of the best betting sites for Super Bowl exotic wagers:

  • Safe Place to Bet: You don’t want to have to worry about either your financial or personal information being in jeopardy. The best sports betting sites for exotic Super Bowl wagers will keep any sensible data protected.
  • Excellent Reputation: This often goes hand in hand with sites that have been in existence for quite some time. The only way that they can possibly hope to stick around for such a long time is if they do a good job for their bettors. Customers respond in kind by going back to them again and again.
  • Selection of Super Bowl Bets: You shouldn’t have a hard time finding traditional wagers on Super Bowl 56 such as moneyline, point spread, over/under and futures. And since it’s our topic here, you should also have a wide array of prop bets on exotic elements of the game. It all adds up to more ways to win.
  • Super Bowl Live Betting: Live betting occurs when you can wager on a game as it is happening. The live betting markets on Super Bowl 56 should be just as extensive as the ones you get before the game begins.
  • Multiple Banking Methods: You shouldn’t be stuck with just one credit card as a way to pay and be paid for your Super Bowl 56 exotic bets. There should be other possibilities that could be a better fit for you from a financial perspective.
  • Mobile Wagering Available: You should be able to make wild bets on the Super Bowl anywhere and at any time. Having mobile betting as part of the site you join will allow that.
  • Fast Payouts: What’s the point of winning a Super Bowl exotic bet if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your success? The best sites deliver quick payouts on a regular basis.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: When you can take advantage of promotions and perks, your exotic Super Bowl 56 bets will have more legs. Look for welcome bonuses, free bets, odds boosts and other ways for you to help gain an extra advantage.
  • Fast Customer Service: You should be able to get in touch with the site on short notice in a variety of ways. And you should expect them to get to your problem quickly.
  • Simple Interface: When you go to locate your Super Bowl 56 exotic wagers, there shouldn’t be any issues finding them.

Now that you know how we picked the best online sportsbooks for unusual Super Bowl bets, let’s see what markets they offer to their customers.

Different Types of Exotic Super Bowl Wagers

Once you have your gambling site all lined up, you can start to plan your exotic bets on the game.


When you hear the term “exotic wagers” and it’s applied to the Super Bowl, it usually means markets that are a bit different than the norm. Most of them won’t have much to do with the nuts and bolts of who is winning the game and by how much.

That doesn’t mean that exotic wagers can’t be attached to the on-field action. It’s just that those bets won’t be what you might expect: win/moneyline, point spread, over/under. Instead, they’ll approach the game from another perspective on which you can speculate.

Let’s take a look at some examples, so you can understand what’s available.

Super Bowl 56 Game Props

Perhaps the best way to describe these bets is to give you examples of some of them that you might find at the best Super Bowl betting sites for exotic wagers.

As you can see, all of these prop bets relate in some way to the game, and all can be measured so that the bet can be administered.

Super Bowl 56 National Anthem Props

The National Anthem at the Super Bowl has been a coveted gig for many years. This year the singer named to do the honors is Mickey Guyton, a rising star in the country music genre. And people will be betting on her performance at the game.

Perhaps the most popular of all the National Anthem wagers is this one:

question mark

How long will the National Anthem performance be?

The oddsmakers at the top Super Bowl betting sites will provide an estimated time. You’ll have to device whether the time of the performance will go over or under that amount. Other possible bets on the Super Bowl National Anthem might be tied to Guyton’s wardrobe, her possible accompaniment, or whether or not she’ll flub a line.

Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show Bets

Once upon a time, the Super Bowl halftime show was an afterthought reserved for marching bands or singers that weren’t in the limelight. That’s all changed, to the point where the Super Bowl halftime show is pretty much the biggest televised mini-concert in America. A who’s who of music royalty has performed on the show over the years.

This year’s show stands to be one of the most exciting ever, featuring a stunning array of rap and R&B talent. Performers include Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar. And they could be the subject of prop bets like these:

We have a separate list of the best Super Bowl halftime betting sites, so check them out if you’re interested.

Super Bowl 56 Commercial Prop Bets

Just like the halftime show, the commercials during the Super Bowl broadcast have become a major part of the spectacle. Advertisers spend a ton of money coming up with the most memorable commercials. And you can speculate on that at the top sites for Super Bowl exotic bets in a number of ways.


At the moment, many of the commercial props are still being formulated as the companies with ads are beginning to make announcements about the content of the commercials.

Still, you should be able to bet on the content of those commercials, the celebrities that appear, and any other elements of the ads that oddsmakers feel would be ripe for real money wagers. It’s a fun way to perhaps win big as the game progresses.

Tips for Winning Your Wild Super Bowl 56 Bets

We thought we’d close out the article with a look at some strategy for your exotic bets on the 2022 Super Bowl. Granted, some of these bets are tough to plan out, because there’s a bit more luck involved than with the traditional wagers.

But there are still some general strategies that can help you maximize your performance.

  • Look for Value: These bets are a bit more unpredictable than the norm, which means that betting for value can be the way to go. Look for the odds that allow you to score a nice payback even with a small wager.
  • Practice Line Shopping: Line shopping is when you search different betting sites for the best possible odds you can get. That technique will improve your returns immensely.
  • Stick to Wagers When There’s Logic: Many Super Bowl props are entirely down to chance. If you want to win, you should find the wild bets that still have some logic behind them that can help you evaluate the probability of the different outcomes.
  • Do Your Research: Most wild Super Bowl bets have been around for a while. Take a look at what happened in previous editions of the NFL Championship game when you prepare for them.
  • Keep to a Budget: These wagers can be a lot of fun, but you still should be careful when you place exotic bets on Super Bowl 56. Proper bankroll management is required in any case.

It’s hard to find a coverall strategy for exotic Super Bowl wagers, but following the tips above should improve your chances to win money.

Exotic Super Bowl Bets Conclusion

You’re all set now to attack with exotic wagers on Super Bowl 56. Choosing your betting site wisely will set the foundation for your bets. From there, your betting skill and a little luck will hopefully do the rest.

Here’s a reminder of our recommended online sportsbooks for wild Super Bowl 2020 bets.