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Two of the best heavyweight boxers are set to fight on April 23 at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Tyson Fury will be defending his WBC World Heavyweight title against fellow British rival Dillian Whyte.

This is also Whyte’s first time going up against Fury, and he has a tough challenge ahead of him. Dethroning Fury is certainly possible, but Whyte will have to deliver the best performance of his career to win the title.

I explore the potential scenarios in my Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte preview below. It also includes the latest odds, my thoughts on both fighters, and everything else you need to know for betting purposes.

It all ends with my Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte prediction, but let’s begin with the latest gambling odds for this match.

Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte Odds

  • Tyson Fury; -600
  • Dillian Whyte; +400
  • Over 9.5 rounds; -110
  • Under 9.5 rounds; -110

When you look at the current Fury vs Whyte odds, it shows that bookies are heavily favoring the champion. Fury is expected to win rather comfortably, but the potential payout for an upset in favor of Whyte is very tempting.

Let’s take a look at both fighters and analyze the matchup and determine how both boxers fair against each other.

Tyson Fury – Is the Champ Unstoppable?

  • Age: 33
  • Boxing Record: 31-0-1
  • KOs: 22
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Height: 6’9’’
  • Reach: 85 inches
  • Achievements: World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion, The Ring Magazine Heavyweight Champion, Undefeated Boxing Career

The Fury vs Whyte betting odds are certainly lopsided. The champion’s technical abilities and approach to boxing are the main reasons why.

Fury has been a superior fighter throughout his career – he typically gains an advantage by simply duking it out with his opponents. He’s always been able to deliver a lot of damage while withstanding any punishment that comes his way.

Because of his near-impeccable record, many assume that Fury is simply untouchable. However, there’s been instances where Fury lost some of his equilibrium and he’s also fought in tough matches while hurt.

Fury has very few weaknesses, but one fight in which he showed a lot of vulnerability was against a fairly modest opponent like Otto Wallin.

The Swedish boxer was scrappy and kept applying the pressure on Fury, who sustained two cuts above his right eye. Fury ultimately won the match via decision, but it was one of the more challenging fights of his career.

The X-factor that gives Fury the edge in all of his fights is his recuperative powers. It’s allowed him to escape danger and claw his way back into the match. He’s often a stubborn fighter who refuses to allow any amount of adversity to overcome him.

I also have to mention Fury’s unorthodox and at times unpredictable boxing style. He’s incredibly good defensively, and he’s surprisingly light on his feet despite his size. He also throws a lot of unique jabs and combinations, which can confuse opponents.

Another thing to consider when working on Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte prediction is his knockout power. The champion was accused of lacking the ability to finish his opponents earlier in his career, but the matches against Deontay Wilder proved that’s no longer the case.

Dillian Whyte – Can the Contender Become the Champion?

  • Age: 33
  • Boxing Record: 28-2
  • KOs: 19
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Height: 6’4’’
  • Reach: 78 inches
  • Achievements: Former World Boxing Council Silver Heavyweight Champion

Whyte is certainly a viable contender for the title – he has considerable power and can be dangerous once he finds a rhythm. With 19 total knockouts, his punches are deadly when he lands them.

What concerns me about Whyte is his footwork. He tends to be flat-footed, which puts him at a huge disadvantage (especially when you consider who he’s fighting).

Undergoing proper physical preparation for the fight is also crucial for Whyte. He’s had issues in the past when it comes to overcoming fatigue – Whyte seems to lose interest in the fight as his energy levels diminish.

After patiently waiting for a title shot against Fury, Whyte will have to make the most of his opportunity. He needs to be aggressive from the outset of the fight and do his best to stay out of danger. Whyte is an incredibly gritty boxer, which often helps him elevate his game.

Can Whyte punch his way to victory over Fury? It’s a tall order when you consider what that kind of strategy entails. Fury is incredibly proficient at defensive boxing, and he’ll know to make adjustments when necessary.

Another big disadvantage comes from the size difference. Whyte is significantly slower and Fury has a much higher reach. The contender will have to go close the distance to have a chance which is almost impossible against a fighter with such insane footwork and jab.

Fury vs. Whyte Prediction and Best Bet

Betting on Fury to win unfortunately won’t offer you a ton of value. The current betting odds will potentially sway a lot of people to put their money on Whyte because the payout can be massive.

However, I don’t see the contender gaining an advantage over Fury at any point in the fight. The champion took Deontay Wilder’s best shots and survived, so he has the chin and the technical ability to dominate this fight.

My prediction and best bet: Tyson Fury wins via knockout. Fury is an animal – there’s no other boxer like him. Anyone who faces him has to deliver an error-free performance to give themselves a chance of winning.


    MY PICK:

    Tyson Fury via KO, TKO, or DQ

Where to Bet on Fury vs. Whyte?

Online betting for Fury vs. Whyte is available through several of the best boxing betting sites. Sign up today so that you can lock in your Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte prediction.

You can win if your Fury vs Whyte betting pick is correct and there’s more. You can also qualify for bonuses and take advantage of various cool promotions.