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The casino whales are prone to playing any game that strikes their fancy. You’ll see them playing slots in private VIP areas with enormous stakes, allowing luck to take the wheel in baccarat and playing multiple hands of blackjack for small fortunes.

However, one game stands out to the high profile and ultra-wealthy crowd: craps. Every time I play it myself in Las Vegas, it amazes me as I watch players gamble with more than a year’s salary for most Americans.

It took me a while to understand why the high rollers love craps so much. So, I began asking questions and what I found surprised me.

The 7 reasons high rollers flock to the craps tables can help the average recreational gambler start seeing their success.

1 – The Low House Edge Can Create Big Swings

When looking at casino games, many of us fall into the trap of only looking at the house edge. That number represents the amount of money the casinos will be drawing on every dollar we bet.

It’s critical for advantage gamblers to eliminate this edge and become profitable. But most bettors aren’t in the casino looking for long-term profits.

Yes, we all want to win. But many players are content with the entertainment aspect of casino gambling.

Because of that, it’s often more beneficial for gamblers to start looking at the return to the player. This number will tell you how much of your money you’ll be winning back.

Slot machine players often consider RTP due to the nature of these games, but high rollers aren’t stupid. They know games with a high return will provide maximum entertainment while giving them chances to hit a hot streak.

For example, the two primary wagers in craps are the pass line and don’t pass bets. Both bets come with a return to the player above 98.5%.

The pass line is slightly less favorable, but you’re betting on the shooter. That’s part of the massive appeal to craps.

High rollers love sticking it to the casinos, perhaps more so than the typical gambler. So, whenever they have the opportunity to back a shooter with their enormous bankroll, they cherish the experience.

That can also spell a massive night for the other players.

After a hot run with the dice, I’ve seen whales hand a hot shooter over $1,000.

Even if you don’t get a nice little bonus from your new friend, the experience of seeing that much money on the table is exhilarating. If you aren’t going to play games with a chance to profit long-term, you might as well have the most fun.

For many high rollers, that amounts to an evening playing high-stakes craps.

2 – The Craps Tables Are the Most Exciting Games on the Casino Floor

You can’t top the social atmosphere created at a busy casino craps table. The players are all shouting and laughing; it’s the type of scene that draws many gamblers into the casinos.

High rollers are no different; they want to be entertained.

When I first started gambling in casinos, I was a broke college student who should have been spending my money more wisely.

I viewed the high rollers as arrogant showoffs who couldn’t think of a more creative way to flaunt their wealth. I rarely skipped an opportunity to act like a jerk to anyone betting more than the table minimum.

Then, about eight months into my gambling career, something changed. I met another casino guest at a local golf course, and we played a money round.

My new friend invited me to dinner with him and his wife, and then a night at the craps table. I was stoked for the evening and wasn’t about to turn down a free steak dinner.

My new pal was about ten years older, and I knew that he had a great job from our golf excursion. So, I was prepared for him to be betting more than me.

However, I wasn’t expecting to see him start the night with over $80k in chips. When he began betting nearly $1k per roll, I was immediately taken back.

Still, we had a blast, and the evening was a huge success. Later that night (morning), we had drinks, and I asked why he bet so much money.

He told me that he was playing craps for the same reason I was, to scratch that itch. But it requires more money for him to feel something.

Without being rude, he explained that if he played at my stakes, he’d feel like he was merely tossing money away. The point is that regardless of how much money you have, gambling needs to feel like a risk.

The craps tables allow high rollers to feel the burn and have more fun than anyone in the casino.

3 – The Variety of Plays Keeps the Game Interesting

The craps table has another variable that puts it well ahead of many other casino games. There’s a large enough variety of bets to keep things interesting.

Many high rollers know that these bets come with an inflated house advantage, but a few are perfect for big chip stacks.

For example, my friend was betting $1k per roll. He was splitting each wager between the pass line and placing 6 bets.

That gave him two chances to win on every roll but kept the house advantage below 2%. That’s a smart way to gamble and maximize your entertainment value.


Unfortunately, that’s about as deep into the craps prop bets as anyone should step. The house edge on these prop wagers quickly goes over 11%.

I’ve watched whales decimate their bankroll on the dealer, announced Any 7 wager. I understand the desire to take a risk, but the edge is over 16% in the casino’s favor.

High rollers love having a wide variety of bets to keep things interesting. The craps rules give them countless options to do that, and every roll is a new opportunity.

4 – Odds Bets Will Boost Winnings With No House Advantage

High rollers usually got to that level by being sharp. They are prone to pay attention to the small things, which has attributed to their success.

The odds bets are perfect for whales to extend their reach while lowering the house edge. These bets come after the point has been established.

Players can then wager on the pass line or don’t pass line with odds. These bets can range from 5x up to 100x in rare cases.


However, the higher the risk, the greater the reward in high stakes crap. The better the odds the casino offers, the lower the house edge drops.

Because high rollers are already accustomed to betting large sums of money, many feel it’s pertinent to get the best house edge by making the additional investment.

Odds bets aren’t a luxury of only the high rollers. All craps players can benefit from playing the tables with high odds bets.

But you must ensure that you have a proper casino bankroll to accommodate the added wagers.

5 – The Casino Will Offer Amazing Comps to Craps Players

High rollers are no strangers to having the casino roll out the red carpet. Many high rollers have their rooms comped, and some even travel to the casino via private plane on the casino’s dime.

Still, the rewards don’t stop there. The comp rate for craps is high enough that high rollers quickly rack up thousands in additional comps.

Further Info:

Most high rollers earn a minimum of $20 per hour in comps. That’s a bottom-of-the-spectrum figure and doesn’t include any possible cashback.

So, even a weekend trip to Vegas could spell $500 in comps. When you compare that to the theoretical losses, high rollers almost can’t afford not to play craps.

6 – The More Experienced Gamblers Can Avoid Rookies by Playing Craps

Don’t take that the wrong way. Most high rollers are perfectly content gambling among the common casino gamblers.

Many probably prefer the casino floor to the stuffy VIP areas with the “important” crowd. Still, they are no different from many of us in that they would assume not to play with inexperienced gamblers.

Rookies slow down the game, and when you’re only in town for a couple of days, you don’t want to have your time wasted.

7 – Higher Table Limits Than Most Games

Most table games on the casino floor will max out at $500. That’s a hefty amount, but it doesn’t meet the needs of the high rollers.

Luckily, the high roller craps tables often have limits of up to $5k per round.

That makes finding a table and gambling with the fun crowd far more accessible to whales.

Setting up that kind of action at a blackjack table could take several steps and create more hassle than it’s worth for players.


High rollers are certainly a different breed of gamblers. But in many ways, they aren’t much different from the rest of us.

They prefer to gamble for the same reasons as most average casino patrons. Yet, they do their gambling with significantly larger bankrolls. These 7 reasons high rollers flock to the craps tables prove that.

If you want to try the game on the web, you should check our recommended craps casinos online. They have plenty of cool bonuses, and the limits are very flexible.